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Thinner, Fitter, Happier

Dancing Will Change Your Life!

In this upbeat, informative, witty and sometimes moving book, writer, dancer and health care professional Dr. Marian Condon uses her own experience, interviews with 40 individuals and findings from the research literature to promote dancing as an amazingly healthful and enjoyable form of exercise that can transform lives. The book presents solid evidence that dancing helps people lose weight, tone up, stand taller and carry themselves with more confidence.

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About The Author

Marian Condon is a Registered Nurse, professor of Nursing, and writer who holds masters and doctoral degrees. Her earlier books include Women’s Health Body, Mind Spirit, and NCLEX High-Risk the Disaster Prevention Manual for Nurses Determined to Pass the RN Licensing Examination.

Once an overweight, out-of-shape couch potato with high blood pressure, Marian is now an avid social dancer who attributes her 65 lb. weight loss, excellent health status, and new lease on life to her passion for dance.

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Chapter Synopses

Chapter 1

I’m Not Fat Anymore - How overweight, couch ‘tater Marian (pictured above) lost 65 lbs. got into much better shape and developed a whole new outlook on life.

Chapter 2

Dancing: Exercise That Doesn’t Suck - Dancing as a legitimate form of... exercise... minus the boredom. How it can prevent or slow age-related muscle and bone loss. How it improves posture and balance.

Chapter 3

Remember This! - Dancing as a physically and cognitively demanding activity that does wonders for the brain. Why it improves and preserves memory.

Chapter 4

Dancing Away From Demon Dementia - More from the astonishing literature on how dancing revs up the brain… and even protects against Alzheimer’s disease!

Chapter 5

Looking for Happiness in All the Wrong Places - How social scientists define happiness. What really makes people happy. What happy people have in common.

Chapter 6

Happy Feet - Why dancing is a sure-fire happiness-booster.

Chapter 7

Lonely No Longer - Dancers’ moving stories about how they found in their dance communities the antidote to loneliness and isolation.

Chapter 8

Jettison Your Jitters: Self-Doubt and Social Anxiety - More powerful stories from dancers: overcoming shyness and other limitations.

Chapter 9

Stress: Fageddaboutit! - Dancing as the perfect stress buster…and the little-known reasons why.

Chapter 10

Equally a Sin for Both Sexes: A Brief History of Partner Dancing - How dancing evolved in the U.S.A. Amusing antique tirades.

Chapter 11

Hungry for Hip-Hop; Mad for Mambo: Which Dances Will Turn You On - Hot Latin dances? Elegant, smooth dances? Funky, hip, urban dances? Down-home country dances? What they look like. Where they came from. Video links.

Chapter 12

Shall We Dance? Absolutely! Where? - Where to begin your new life as a dancer. Info about studios and clubs. The rigors and rewards of dance instructors’ lives

Chapter 13

Where Classy Meets Sassy: Amateur Competition - How dancers show off and test their skills. Local, regional, national and international exhibitions and competitions. Video links.

Chapter 14

Dancing is for Everyone: Why All Your Excuses are Bogus! - Think you can’t dance because you’re too fat, out of shape or old? Think you need a partner? Think you can’t keep time? Wrong!

What others are saying

  • “ Marian, I absolutely treasure your book. Such good information, so inspiring, so well written. I am excited to recommend your book to my clients. I know you are going to help many people to heal. ”

    • Dr. Sheran Mattson
    • Certified Life Coach
  • “ I am loving this book! I find it fun, informative and inspiring. I’m gonna give dancing a try. I never thought it could appeal to a lead-foot like me. ”

    • Pamela Gray



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